Why Make a Will?

Surprisingly two thirds of adults in the UK have not got a Will whilst many that do have not updated it to reflect their current personal circumstances.

People often believe their spouse or civil partner will automatically receive their entire estate without a Will, but this is not necessarily the case. Dependent on the size of the estate a spouse/civil partners have claim to the first part of the estate with the remaining being split between the spouse and any surviving children.

The laws of intestacy (dying without a Will) do-not account for common-law partners, who are regarded as single, so without a will a partner, however longstanding will not automatically receive anything from your estate. This situation is aggravated if still married to someone else or if there are children involved.

Guardianship of children is uncertain if the parents die without a Will appointing them. Families may dispute guardianship and ultimately the children may be looked after by someone that you or they would be unhappy with. In rare occasions children may become known to the Local Authority who may have to intervene.

Children may inherit large sums of money, by making a Will you to decide when they can receive it and by appointing Trustees ensure the child’s interests are safeguarded and their interim needs met. A Will may provide the opportunity to cater for vulnerable family members and protect them and their interests.

A family death is a time of great sorrow and upheaval. Leaving clear instructions to your family friends ensure this situation is not exacerbated, it assists the probate process and avoids any unnecessary hardship due to delays in the administration of an estate.  A Will may also prevent argument occurring that could have been avoided.

Making a Will enables the Will maker (Testator) to take stock and succession plan their estate. These things are often considered too late resulting in the unnecessary loss to care home fees and inheritance tax which may otherwise have been avoided.

By making Will you decide who benefits whether it is small family heirlooms of sentimental value, or gifts to charities close to your heart.

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